A Warrior Lost in the Strangest Land

Multi-Award-Winning Author, voice actor, executive producer, screenplay writer, and photographer...Split by fission, plagued by fusion, living with creative demons...Brendan S Bigney (Nuclear Cowboy) was a Quest Giver in the Marine Corps where operations was his practiced art form. He never slept, rarely smiled, and mumbled with the muses. He spent much of his life as a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense specialist. During this time, he consumed tear gas like butter on toast, and danced in radiation beneath the ever-burning sun where the grass refused to grow.There is a time to fight and there is a time for peace, but even in peace the fight does not end.In the world of corporate power, they couldn’t keep their hands off his body, so he left. It was probably because he was radioactive. In a twist of cruel irony, the corporate powers maintained that they were family.Thereafter, he lost his home. He piled all his belongings into a mountain outside and by the time he locked the door for the final time, the neighbors scavenged everything he owned.He was left with memories, some like butter on toast, and some so dark it’s a curse to utter them.In one final push to break free of lies, corruption, and the end of the road, Brendan S Bigney, claimed, “If I am going to die on the streets, it’s going to be as an award-winning author.”With the last of his lifesavings, he went on to win several awards in writing and still counting.He now spends the remainder of his half-life mumbling with the muses in a place where the sun still burns but the grass now grows.

Current Film Projects

Feature Length
Balls Up (Executive Producer and Writer)
Status: Preproduction
2 Short Films (Director and Writer)
Status: Pending
Set Life with Cryptids Series (Writer and Visuals, a collaboration with Hidden Ones)
Status: Production
Various MicroFilms for Frames on Chain Media (Director and Writer)
Status: Production

Published Works / Awards

War, What Comes After
- International Impact Award for History and Military
- Reader's Favorite Award for Inspirational Poetry (Bronze)
- Royal Dragonfly Awards for Historical Nonfiction (Gold), Military (Gold), with an Honorable Mention in Poetry
- PenCraft Award for Nonfiction - War (Gold)
- Firebird Book Awards for Military Nonfiction and Poetry
- Maincrest Media Award
- Indies Today Award for Poetry (Gold)
Atomic Kiss
- Royal Dragonfly Award for Poetry (Silver)
- Literary Titan Award for Poetry (Gold)
- Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best in Poetry

Featured in:

OpenDoor MagazineArt and Poetry Anthology


Balls Up (Executive Producer and Writer)
Set Life with Cryptids Series (Writer and Visuals, a collaboration with Hidden Ones)

Photography and Art

Cambium Amour
The Life We Bring
Sangfroid Mentation
Honey Wings
Animal World

Featured in:

#OffNFTNYC Art GalleryThe Token AwardsONBD AAPI ART Exhibition
Virtual Art Exhibition hosted by ArtbyEdwinOpenDoor Poetry MagazineArt and Poetry Anthology

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